Sunday, March 12

year six

year six was an eventful one
there were dresses in all shapes and sizes

shitload of blazers 

i knitted sweaters no. 2, 3 and 4

no.5 is on it's way

made some shirts as well, normal ones

and fancy ones too

totally failed when it comes to sewing bottoms
made only this one pair of shorts
(plus few leggings.. but no skirts
or non stretchy pants of any kind) 

 made some outerwear too


also, have been to france
where i walked among dinosaurs

hitchhiked a lot

explored normandy

and had picnics after picnics on random parisienne benches..

once back to balkans, climbed some mountains in bosnia 

and some local ones too 

in other news.. i got married (in me made dress, of course)

and had another fancy dress to wear to the wedding party
(made by my friend boris
as i failed to finish my other dress on time)
might write a post about dresses one day
(as well as one about sweaters)
but today is not that day
as i'm super tired and about to crash
so.. see you in year seven 


Thursday, December 29



dress - burda magazine 08/2012/#115

 been knitting a lot this past year..
have actually finished 3 sweaters
and 4th one is half finished
(gonna blog about them one day, i guess)..
and i really enjoy every moment spent knitting
and how meditative and nerve soothing it is
so.. why am i talking about knitting 
and how is it connected to these pics and this dress,
that obviously is not knitted?
the thing is that i don't think this dress would have ever happen
if i haven't been knitting so much
as i would not have the patience to make it
because it required hours of hand sewing
i'm not a patient person by nature
and get bored easily
so i like things to be done, and to be done fast
which is how i usually roll..
but lately i've noticed that my approach to sewing changed a bit
and suddenly i wanna do things the slow way
and try out new techniques
and try to master new skills
and do them the right way, without taking shortcuts,
and i blame it all on knitting
it's not like i've joined the slow fashion team yet though
as you can see, i still find hand hemming big pain in the ass..
but slowing down a bit is still a plus, right?


after these pics were shot
i used clear nail polish to finish raw edges of squares
(there is no 'fray check' in stores here
so i tried experimenting with nail polish, and it worked)
so squares look a little bit more stiff now
and i actually prefer the new look
but i don't have a pic to share with you
loved hand sewing all the little squares
so i have few more dresses (and a blazer) planned
that are going to have similar embellishments
wish you all a happy new year
may it be way better than this one was

Wednesday, December 21


dress pattern - burda magazine 10/2014/#105

new favorite dress
simple as can be..
not much to say other than that
plus i'm in a hurry
gonna spend next 4 days up in the mountains, with friends..
so i wish you all happy holidays and 
marry christmas if you celebrate

Wednesday, December 7

gray drape dress

dress - gathered back dress (burda #109, december 2015)

i've made couple dresses from this pattern before 
and i wear my mocha version a lot
but there is something slightly off about those pleats..
maybe it's a drafting mistake
but they look kinda bulky in almost all the versions i've seen,
regardless of fabric choice, 
and pull in strange places..
and if you try wearing cardigan over the dress
gathers make it look like you have a back hump
but i love the overall fit
and actually like that extra fabric at the back,
just not the bulkiness of the pleats,
so, i came up with an idea to change the back
into a cowl drapey thingy
to achieve that, i simply cut fabric in straight line
from one high shoulder point to the other
while i was cutting back of the dress,
it must be easiest pattern 'hack' ever,
and then i finished that new neckline with bias tape

my modification also simplified construction of the dress
as pleated version requires hand stitching
(to secure neck facings to the dress)
bonus photo is shoulder seam, from the inside
i like how  bias tape and front neck facing look

next time i might try cutting convex back neckline instead of straight
i guess it would make for a better looking cowl 

Friday, November 25


started working on this blazer 
all the way back in 2014, when the pattern was out
(it's pattern no.126, from april issue of burda 2014)..
and then did my standard thingie of messing up welt pockets
and abandoning the whole thing for a year
then this april i tried to get back to it
even got the pockets fixed by my friend boris
finished the lapels, sewed the lining
and abandoned it one more time
but it bugged me
i'm not a fan of unfinished things..
so, some time ago, i finished it finally
and, then made 5 more in a week
because i'm strange like that

i simplified it a bit
there should be back went, but i skipped it
blazer is wide enough without it..
i also skipped metal buckle closure,
and have made the blazer one size smaller than i usually would
only blazer #1 has welt pockets
made as per pattern instructions..
damn pockets are to be blamed that it took me 
two years and a half to finish the blazer,
and when i finally did finish it
they proved to be completely useless 
so i added simple patch pockets to other blazers instead

i know it sounds kind of nuts to sew 6 almost identical blazers
but i wanted to master lapel inserting 
and really enjoyed the process :D
also, i plan to keep only blazer #1 (it's already getting crazy amount of wear)
and sell the rest of them


i see many more blazers in future
maybe not from this pattern, but more complicated ones
as there's so many skills i'd like to master
(starting from welt pockets, that i menage to mess
way too often)